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I've made a really great page, totally fabulous, does my girlish heart proud,


I can't get a space between my Data Templates when they populate the page. I mean actual dead space where, when you touch it, nothing activates.

So far experimentation into using Margins and padding doesn't work. I put a column in between each which sort of works, but it's a real mission!

I'd also like to have a bar of this 'dead space' at the beginning of my page for a client to swipe their finger and be able to pull up another application across the screen.

Sorry for the lack of terminology, I'm self taught. :P p.s. I am using Visual Studio for Windows 8, so WPF info, well if it's all you have, please share, and we'll see if it works!

Thank you everyone who makes suggestions!!

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Where's your code? –  Bob. Jul 19 '13 at 13:32
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