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I would like to use (include) this "cropimage" class in my project:


but I'm not sure of which is the right way to do that (i'm using ecplise):
Should I copy all sources classes (*.java) in my own package? Or should I copy the whole package in my src folder?

Once that I've included it, I have to declare somewhere that I'm using it or I'm free to use for any uses? I can't find any information about the license of this "cropimage" project.


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Hi, you shouldn't include the source files in your project, just take the jar like dependence. –  Felquir Jul 19 '13 at 15:31

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Don't copy the source files into your project. That just makes everything cluttered and confusing. Instead, you should create a new directory in the root of your project called "libraries". Then, copy simple-crop-image-lib into this directory. Finally, modify your project's project.properties file to include:


You should now be ready to use the classes from the library in your project.

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