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I've been fighting with some JSON parsing in my application and after 3 days of researching I still can't figure out the issue.

The error that is being sent is "org.json.JSONException: Value "

I got the error in a try/catch statement that I've been working on.

My Try/Catch looks like this :

Try {
    // Result comes in from an HTTP Request

    JSONArray jarray = new JSONArray(result);
    JSONObject jObj = jarray.getJSONObject(0).getJSONObject("results");
    String TeamName = jObj.getString("fulltext");
} catch (JSONException e) {
    Log.e("JSON Parser", "Error parsing data " + e.toString());

The full JSON that I'm getting is located here, but the abridged version is as follows:

    "query-continue-offset": 50,
    "query": {
        "printrequests": [{
            "label": "",
            "typeid": "_wpg",
            "mode": 2,
            "format": false
        "results": {
            "Team:\"Die Unglaublichen\"": {
                "printouts": [],
                "fulltext": "Team:\"Die Unglaublichen\"",
                "fullurl": "http:\/\/wiki.planetkubb.com\/wiki\/Team:%22Die_Unglaublichen%22",
                "namespace": 822,
                "exists": true
            "Team:(Can't Stand) Le Kubb Bricks": {
                "printouts": [],
                "fulltext": "Team:(Can't Stand) Le Kubb Bricks",
                "fullurl": "http:\/\/wiki.planetkubb.com\/wiki\/Team:(Can%27t_Stand)_Le_Kubb_Bricks",
                "namespace": 822,
                "exists": true
            "Team:(OHC) Kubb Team": {
                "printouts": [],
                "fulltext": "Team:(OHC) Kubb Team",
                "fullurl": "http:\/\/wiki.planetkubb.com\/wiki\/Team:(OHC)_Kubb_Team",
                "namespace": 822,
                "exists": true
            "Team:Andrewsons3": {
                "printouts": [],
                "fulltext": "Team:Andrewsons3",
                "fullurl": "http:\/\/wiki.planetkubb.com\/wiki\/Team:Andrewsons3",
                "namespace": 822,
                "exists": true
        "meta": {
            "hash": "46923025c2d5aac3ee963419db93485d",
            "count": 50,
            "offset": 0

This is my first time even seeing JSON code and to be honest, it's a bit confusing at first but I can understand how the JSON works, just not how to get the data out of these arrays!

I'm missing something, I just can't see what yet...

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the root is a JSONObject not a JSONArray –  blackbelt Jul 19 '13 at 13:49
don't e.toString your exception. e.printStacktrace instead. –  njzk2 Jul 19 '13 at 13:50
so instead of the jarray I should just have another object that contains the full JSON data? –  Vidar Jul 19 '13 at 13:56
this json is a little f**ed up(i think results should be an array) ... but ... pseudocode: JSONObject res = new JSONObject(result).getJSONObject("query").getJSONObject("results"); foreach(String key in res.keys()){ String fulltext = res.getJSONObject(key).getString("fulltext"); } ... keys() is the key –  Selvin Jul 19 '13 at 14:10
you can paste json to some online viewer to see how it looks like try: bit.ly/123n8BQ (click on Viewer tab) –  Selvin Jul 19 '13 at 14:16
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The error you are getting is from this line:

String TeamName = jObj.getString("fulltext");

This is because the value jObj doesn't have a "fulltext" value. Instead, that field is a value of each child JSONObject. To avoid this error, you would first need to check if the JSONObject has the variable "fulltext":

String TeamName = null;
if (jObj.has("fulltext"))
    TeamName = jObj.getString("fulltext");

To simplify your JSON parsing, the droidQuery provides some simple ways to create Maps and arrays from JSONObjects and JSONArrays:

Map<String, ?> map = $.map(jObj);
for (Entry<String, ?> entry : map.entrySet()) {
    String teamName = entry.key();
    JSONObject json = (JSONObject) entry.value();
    Map<String, ?> team = $.map(json);
    String fulltext = (String) team.get("fulltext");//etc
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I have tried using the droidQuery as suggested and using the sample code above does not work. I get an error in Eclipse on the "for" line of : "can only iterate over an array or an instance of java.lang.Iterable" with "map" highlighted (after the :) –  Vidar Jul 19 '13 at 18:36
@Vidar see the edit. I forgot to include the .entrySet() call to allow you to iterate over the map. –  Phil Jul 26 '13 at 11:07
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