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I have a requirement where i need to index some text that is prefixed with (std) which i should then be able to search for again.

Ie. a document (html) contains the following sentence

(std)Almindelige betingelser for misligholdelseserstatning

and i should be able to query for

(std)Almindelige betingelser

Now, i've read a whole lot in the documentations and have now a charfilter in place which replaces ( and ) with _, and i thought i would then be safe to just to a replace in the search-query as well, so it becomes

_std_Almindelige betingelser

but for some reason its simply not working AT ALL. No result at all is being returned when searching for _std_Almindelige betingelser even though i can see the term is there by browsing the document and return a list of facets.

This is my index settings and type mapping

var settings = new IndexSettings();

settings.Analysis.CharFilters.Add("parenthesis", new MappingCharFilter
    Mappings = new[] { "( => _", ") => _" }

settings.Analysis.TokenFilters.Add("snowball", new SnowballTokenFilter
    Language = "Danish"

settings.Analysis.Analyzers.Add("content", new CustomAnalyzer
    CharFilter = new List<string>() { "html_strip", "parenthesis" },
    Tokenizer = "whitespace",
    Filter = new List<string>() { "lowercase", "snowball" }

And the mapping

        "excludes" : ["content"]
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I would suggest to have a look at the analyze api and play around with it a little to see how you are analysing your text and what tokens you are indexing. I'm sure you'll then understand a lot more about what is happening to your data and what is best to do. –  javanna Jul 22 '13 at 15:02

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The problem is in the mapping. You should change "index_analyzer": "content" into "analyzer":"your_analyzer_name"

While your mapping is giving me trouble, with same index settings following mapping worked fine.

  "testindex": {
        "testdoc": {
          "_source": {
            "excludes": [
          "properties": {
            "content": {
              "type": "string",
              "analyzer": "myAnalyzer"

Btw I'm using ES 0.90.2

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content IS my custom analyzer, which is using html_strip and parenthesis as CharFilters, whitespace as Tokenizer and lowercase and snowball as Filter. parenthesis is my custom CharFilter that should change ( and ) to _. –  Pauli Østerø Aug 12 '13 at 9:12
try to change left side of the code. index_analyzer to analyzer –  shyos Aug 12 '13 at 9:36

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