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I have a SL 3.0 page with a lot of textblock controls laid out. Each textblock is bound to a property of the Account class. The XAML page codebehind (mypage.xaml.cs) has a OnNavigatedTo method in which the VM instance is created and set to the data context like this: this.DataContext = new VM();

In the VM there is a public property of datatype Account and in the ctor of the VM a WCF service method is called asynchronously and in the callback method the Account property is set.

With all this, the data is not showing in the XAML view. Any help?

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Some code especially for the Account property would have been helpful. –  AnthonyWJones Nov 22 '09 at 11:27

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In the absence of details I would guess using the most likely cause for this issue. Your "VM" does not implement INotifyPropertyChanged and/or you are not invoking the PropertyChanged event when the Account property is set.

See my answer to such an issue here for an example implementation.

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Thank you very much Anthony...the problem was with INotifyPropertyChanged improperly used. I was actually invoking the PropertyChanged event on individual properties of Account class and not on the (much needed) VM Account property! Once I fixed that it is now working like a charm!!

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