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I followed V8 Build Instructions from here

Here are the steps that I'm following to build V8 on Mac OSX.

1. git clone git:// v8-src && cd v8-src
2. make dependencies
3. make x64 -j8 library=shared snapshot=on console=readline

But I do not see out/x64.release/ (or snapshot.a)

The Folder only contains js2c.stamp

Here is the Gist: Build Output

What am I doing wrong ..

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Ok, the documentation specifies the location for Linux Machines. For Mac OSX, these files are here :

out/x64.release/libv8_base.x64.a (& snapshot.a)

Finally, compile your C++ Module, by linking V8, as below:

g++ -Iinclude -o test out/x64.release/libv8_{base.x64,snapshot}.a -lpthread

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