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I would like to convert HTML entities back to its human readable format, e.g. '£' to '£', '°' to '°' etc.

I've read several posts regarding this question

Converting html source content into readable format with Python 2.x

Decode HTML entities in Python string?

Convert XML/HTML Entities into Unicode String in Python

and according to them, I chose to use the undocumented function unescape(), but it doesn't work for me...

My code sample is like:

import HTMLParser

htmlParser = HTMLParser.HTMLParser()
decoded = htmlParser.unescape('© 2013')
print decoded

When I ran this python script, the output is still:

© 2013

instead of

© 2013

I'm using Python 2.X, working on Windows 7 and Cygwin console. I googled and didn't find any similar problems..Could anyone help me with this?

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I have tried calling it from the command line and the IDLE, and it does work for me (Python 2.7 on Windows 8). –  A. Rodas Jul 19 '13 at 16:55

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Apparently HTMLParser.unescape was a bit more primitive before Python 2.6.

Python 2.5:

>>> import HTMLParser
>>> HTMLParser.HTMLParser().unescape('©')

Python 2.6/2.7:

>>> import HTMLParser
>>> HTMLParser.HTMLParser().unescape('©')

See the 2.5 implementation vs the 2.6 implementation / 2.7 implementation

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it is html.unescape() in Python 3.4+ –  J.F. Sebastian Oct 7 '14 at 19:24

This site lists some solutions, here's one of them:

from xml.sax.saxutils import escape, unescape

html_escape_table = {
    '"': """,
    "'": "'",
    "©": "©"
    # etc...
html_unescape_table = {v:k for k, v in html_escape_table.items()}

def html_unescape(text):
    return unescape(text, html_unescape_table)

Not the prettiest thing though, since you would have to list each escaped symbol manually.


How about this?

import htmllib

def unescape(s):
    p = htmllib.HTMLParser(None)
    return p.save_end()
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hi, thank you for your answer. But the content of my html page is unknown, so unless I listed all the html special characters... –  D.Q. Jul 19 '13 at 18:53
@D.Q. I added a new method, it worked for me. –  epiphone Jul 19 '13 at 19:30

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