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How can I display the name of a bookmark (from 'bookmark' or 'bookmark+') in the mode line of emacs, instead of the file name?

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A slightly strange request, but here you go (works for files and dired buffers):

(defun show-bookmarks-mode-line ()
  (let (bname text)
     (setq bname (if (eq major-mode 'dired-mode)
     (setq bname (expand-file-name bname))
     (setq text
           (delq nil
                  (lambda (x)
                    (and (equal bname
                                 (bookmark-get-filename x)))
                         (substring-no-properties (car x))))
     (setq text
            ", "))
     (let ((mode-line-buffer-identification
            (propertize text 'face 'mode-line-buffer-id)))
       (sit-for 5))

Could you elaborate on why you need it?

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