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When I use JCheckboxes or JScrollPane (applied to the main component that holds all others in order to generate a scrollable window) together with components that use

component.setBackground(new Color(R, G, B, A));

to define their background color, I am getting some obnoxious repaint() issues. Hovering over JCheckboxes activates MouseListener and the background of the JCheckbox will suddenly display a random other part of the window. This remains even when taking the mouse off the JCheckbox.

The issue disappears when using


BUT will still occur when selecting the checkbox!

The scrollpane will also not properly repaint. ONLY the parts that are outside of the visible frame will be painted several times in a row in direction of scrolling when they come back into the frame. It looks similar to that error on Windows OS when a program crashes and you can "draw" with the window on the screen because it "generates" a new window every time you move it (http://i.stack.imgur.com/L5G5Q.png).

The most interesting part is that the issue completely disappears when I use

Color.grey (or any other pre-generated color)

It also disappears when not selecting a custom background color at all.

So is there an issue with revalidate() and repaint() hidden anywhere in this? Is the use of RGBA a problem, specifically the A (= opacity) part since Color.AnyColor works?

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Is the use of RGBA a problem, specifically the A (= opacity) part

Yes, see Backgrounds With Transparency for explanation and solutions.

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Thanks a lot! Just before I checked your answer I could confirm it as well. Setting the opacity to max value (255) will completely resolve this issue. – ChrisK Jul 19 '13 at 18:19

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