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I am new to corona SDK, but I've managed to capture my app scene using the following code:

local function captureArea()
    local myCaptureImage = display.captureBounds(display.currentStage.contentBounds, true)
    myCaptureImage = nil

This works perfectly.

Now I need to send the captured image(with a specific name, say: screen_1.png) to my friend via email. I've used Composing E-mail and SMS for refference, but I fail to understand how I can add this saved image in the attachment field of mail options.

Please give me a proper solution that how can I attach and send the above saved image via email.

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Are you sure, you can save captured images to temproray directory or documents directory ? I've done similar capture function before but I didn't use captureBounds function I guess you should use display.save( view, "screen_1.png", system.DocumentsDirectory), where view represents display group that you want to save. After saving to documents directory, you can use composing e mail tutorial –  Doğancan Arabacı Jul 20 '13 at 12:29
@DoğancanArabacı: yes man, the above code is perfectly working. I have tested it. And thanks for the suggestion tooooooo... –  Thampuran Jul 22 '13 at 14:29

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display.captureBounds is good for saving the whole screen to the directory. But it usually saves the file with increase in last index. So it may be difficult to read them correctly. So I prefer display.save. But it is not a straight way.

For doing this, you have to:

  • First create a localgroup.
  • Then add the screen objects to that group.
  • Return the display group
  • Use display.save to save the entire group displayed.
  • Create mail option and add attachment image from baseDirectory
  • Call mail Popup

I am giving a sample here:

-- creating the display group --
local localGroup = display.newGroup()  

-- creating display objects and adding it to the group --
local bg = display.newRect(0,0,_w,_h)
bg.x = 160
bg.y = 240

local rect = display.newRect(0,0,50,50)
rect.x = 30+math.random(260)
rect.y = 30+math.random(420)

-- Then do as follows --
local function takePhoto_andSendMail()
  -- take screen shot to baseDirectory --
  local baseDir = system.DocumentsDirectory
  display.save( localGroup, "myScreenshot.jpg", baseDir )

  -- Create mail options --
  local options =
    to = { "krishnarajsalim@gmail.com",},
    subject = "My Level",
    body = "Add this...",
    attachment =
      { baseDir=system.DocumentsDirectory, filename="myScreenshot.jpg", type="image" },

  -- Send mail --
  native.showPopup("mail", options)

This will do it...

Keep coding........ :)

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wow. this was what i am looking for. thanks a lot krs... –  Thampuran Jul 22 '13 at 14:28

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