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I'm creating a film/tv related site: Films are referred to as 'titles', so I have a titles app to deal with the operations for those. However, titles can also have genres and cast members.

What is the best way to organize this? At the moment I have:

apps/titles (contains Title, and TitleGenre classes)
apps/titles/genres (contains Genre model class)

Is this the optimal solution? Sub-apps for titles may even be required, as for genres Would the casting for similar ones be within the title app? I'd obviously like to start the best way before I delve any deeper.

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The primary reason for splitting is when you think you can reuse this same subset of functionality in another projects. If not, just use standard python modules (for example, if your views.py is too big, convert it into a views directory). –  Paulo Scardine Jul 19 '13 at 18:58

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I'd do something along these lines:

|- films/
   |- __init__.py
   |- urls.py
   |- models/
      |- __init__.py
      |- genre.py
      |- actor.py
      |- title.py
      |- actorrole.py //M2M through with actors and their roles in specific titles
   |- admin/
      |- __init__.py
      |- genre.py
      |- actor.py
      |- title.py
   |- views/
      |- __init__.py
      |- someview.py
|- myproject/
   |- __init__.py
   |- urls.py
   |- wsgi.py
   |- settings/
      |- __init__.py
      |- production.py
      |- staging.py
      |- local.py

3 or 4 models isn't so many that I would spread this into several apps. BUT for organization, keep your models and admin classes in separate files and import them in the folder's __init__.pys

important notes:

in your model make sure you include app_name in the inner Meta class.

class Genre(models.Model):
    class Meta:
        app_label = _(u'films') #app's name

make sure that any FKs are passed as strings not as classes (helps avoid cyclic dependencies)

title = models.ForeignKey("films.Title")

in your films/models/__init__.py import in the proper order so as not to have cyclic deps.

from films.models.genre import Genre
from films.models.actor import Actor
from films.models.title import Title
from films.models.actorrole import ActorRole

in your films/admin/__init__.py register each of your admin classes

from django.contrib import admin
from lottery.models import Genre, Actor, Title
from lottery.admin.actor import ActorAdmin

admin.site.register(Actor, ActorAdmin)
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Perfect, thanks –  creakbeak Jul 19 '13 at 19:03
Great answer! You need to break down to packages contains modules for things just like this! –  marksweb Jul 19 '13 at 19:31

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