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How do I set the name of the container when creating an asset for Windows Azure Media Services?

Calling my CloudMediaContext like this to create a new asset creates a new container in blob storage with the name "asset-[newGuid]" e.g. "asset-f230411a-22a0-4813-9187-4b815dbfdf12".

var assetName = "foobar";    
var asset = _mediaContext.Assets.Create(assetName, assetCreationOptions);

Background info on the call above by Nick Drouin (who works at MS on AMS)

"Under the hood, the call above will: create an IAsset and add it to the assets collection; create an IFileInfo to put in the asset; create an AccessPolicy with write permission, request a SAS locator for the asset container in Azure Storage using the AccessPolicy, upload the file into your storage account, and finally revoke the SAS url."

Question How do I control the name of the container?

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Currently Windows Azure Media Services is not allowing user to specify existing container name where asset will be created or specify custom name of new container . Please utilize http://azuremediaservices.uservoice.com/forums/88965-media-services-feature-suggestions to propose or vote for new feature suggestions.

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Oh no that is such shame that it isn't already there. Will up vote it on there. –  Marvin Rounce Jul 21 '13 at 8:51

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