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Back then when I had Visual Studio 2011 installed, there was a "ClickOnce deployment" option in the project properties window that created self-extracting installation packages that also verified application dependencies (DirectX, ...). I have updated to VS2012 and switched to Monogame due to Microsoft cancelling any further XNA development. That also caused the "ClickOnce" deployment tab to be gone. Nobody I send the Release directory to (it includes some but apparently not all required libraries) can't get the game started - it always crashes, usually due to lack of some OpenAL DLL. Could you provide me with links and/or instructions on Monogame apps deployment/publishing? I've already tried Google but maybe I've overseen something.

I'm targetting Windows.

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I found this article while googling for "Monogame Required Dlls":


Basically, besides the assemblies in your Release folder the user would need to have OpenGL drivers installed.

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