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I am getting this warming when i run any git command from terminal . I thouht it was a permission issue but can't seem to fix. Can anybody point me to the right direction ? below is the warming and the content of my .config file

Innos-MacBook-Pro:turnit_try innomanyo$ git status
warning: unable to access '/Users/innomanyo/.config/git/config': Not a directory
warning: unable to access '/Users/innomanyo/.config/git/config': Not a directory
warning: unable to access '/Users/innomanyo/.config/git/config': Not a directory

Innos-MacBook-Pro:~ innomanyo$ cat .config
# bash completion related
source ~/git-completion.bash
alias gco='git co'
alias gci='git ci'
alias grb='git rb'

-rw-r--r--    1 innomanyo  staff    112 Jul 19 12:09 .config
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Your .config file should be a directory. This is a newish standard location on posix systems for applications data. So you will need to remove this file and replace it with a .config directory. Looks like what you have should be in .bashrc. If you do this:

cat .config >> .bashrc
rm .config
mkdir -p .config/git/config

Then you will be back on track and your other applications will be happy as well.

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