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I am creating a django-cms site for a client. I would like to do something like:

<body style="background-image:url({% placeholder background-image %});">

The desired effect is to have a place where the user of the CMS can select a background image for a page. Ideally, they would choose an existing picture using something like Filer.

Is there a way to do this?

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You are on the right track, once that's there when all you need is the plugin which in this case you can use filer. And to make it better you can use the CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF setting to only allow that one plugin to be placeholder inside the background-image placeholder, like so:

    'background-image': {
        "plugins": ('YourImagePlugin', ),
        'name':"Background Image",
        'limits': {
            'global': 1,
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