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I'd like to have one axis label centered over two axes in matplotlib.

For example, I set up the axes as follows:

figure     = pyplot.figure(figsize=10,10))
diagram1   = figure.add_axes([0.01,0.62,0.90,0.30])
diagram2   = figure.add_axes([0.01,0.32,0.90,0.30])                         

This will generate two diagrams on top of each other. How can i now define one axis label for the y axis centered on both diagrams.

I think this can be done with subplots, but I prefer to set every diagram individually, as shown above.

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You can manually change the y-coordinate of the label.

diagram1.set_ylabel('y label').set_y(0)
# Alternatively you can use
# diagram2.set_ylabel('y label').set_y(1)

The coordinate is in the axes coordinate space, meaning 0 is the bottom and 1 is the top of the Axes.

Seeing how your Axes are placed at x=0.01, you can make the label appear at the right side of the plots as well

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Thanks, works great, exactly as I need it, great answer! – Paul Eigenthaler Jul 20 '13 at 17:51

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