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I'm new to Ultisnips. In insert mode I type div [tab] then I get:

<div id="name">


With the cursor on name. If i wan't to use class instead of id I hit backspace and get this



With the cursor on the first v. Now if I want to start typing 'class' I end up with this



If I delete class and hit [esc] l i 'class' I end up with this

<div id=" "class>


What's going on here? What am I doing wrong?

I want

<div class="foo">

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I'm not finding a way to do what you're looking for either, at least with the standard snippet definitions.

I've created an improved snippet for that which you can start using by placing the following in ~/.vim/UltiSnips/html.snippets (my version of that file is available from GitHub):

clearsnippets div
snippet div "XHTML <div>"
<div`!p snip.rv=' id="' if t[1] else ""`${1:name}`!p snip.rv = '"' if t[1] else ""``!p snip.rv=' class="' if t[2] else ""`${2:name}`!p snip.rv = '"' if t[2] else ""`>

This will provide both id and class attributes by default, eliminating the one(s) where the value is deleted.

The official version of UltiSnips on GitHub now includes this version of the snippet.

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This works great just grabbed it from the package on github, thanks! – jeff_kile Jul 26 '13 at 8:07

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