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I am running a mysql query from python using mysql.connector library as per code below

cnx = mysql.connector.connect(host=mysql_localhost, user=user, password=password, database=database)
cursor = cnx.cursor()
cursor.execute("select  * from settings" )
results = cursor.fetchall()
ID, server, port, user, password, temp_min ,temp_max = results[0]

the result is as follow


I noticed that values stored in the database as varchar display with u'' how can I get the value without the u'' so the desired output is

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u means that this is a unicode string. You should read Unicode HOWTO for better understanding.

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You can use str() to get rid of the u:

print str(user)

FYI-the u means it is unicode.

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The u in front of your variable means that it is a unicode string. Is that really a problem? If you really need to convert it to a regular string you can use str(user).

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