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I have a functional app using breeze. Now I need to be able to export CSV files with the data. What would be nice to be able to do is to use the breeze client-side query system to get the data. Eg.: Today I already have a method in my controller:

public IQueryable<Movie> Movies()
    return _context.Context.Movies;

and on client side I can create filters, etc. Is it possible to do something so I can do something like

public string ExportMovies()
    var movies = _context.Context.Movies;
    //movies holds my filtered list
    var csvFile = movies.ToCSV("path")
    //return the path to the user download
    return path;

My biggest problem is that I want to re-utilize breeze client-side query capabilities instead of creating one of my one. Since breeze expetc to get Entity data I do not see how or if this is doable... is it possible?

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Are you trying to make a CSV file with a matrix of data or just simply arrays into a CSV? – PW Kad Jul 19 '13 at 22:21
I want to return the (in the case of the example) movie table (or a projection, called from the client-side) in CSV format. – Leo Jul 19 '13 at 22:30

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