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I'd like to convert the Field (HandlerT site IO) Day of the jqueryDayField into a Field (HandlerT site IO) UTCTime with diffTime 0 since I am using mongodb as my database and Day just produces an integer value in the store and no actual date format.

i.e. I have something like this in my form code:

    <*> areq (dayToUTC $ (jqueryDayField def
        { jdsChangeYear = True -- give a year dropdown
        , jdsChangeMonth = True
        , jdsYearRange = "2000:"
        })) (fieldSettingsLabel MsgNewEntryDate) Nothing

where dayToUTC would do the conversion. Or should I use a different approach?

My solution so far is just havin a custom jqueryUTCField :: (RenderMessage site FormMessage, YesodJquery site) => JqueryDaySettings -> Field (HandlerT site IO) UTCTime function but I don't feel like this is necessarily the best solution.

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Something like the following should work:

dayToUTC <$> (areq (jqueryDayField def {...}) settings Nothing)
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