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How can we add properties to existing relationships dynamically? We are able to create them within Entity classes, but how can we create them on the fly?

This was from a previous answer with the same question:

There is no direct way to do it through the API at this time. While there is some work in progress, it is quite far from completed.

You can register a callback on relation creation.

$em->registerEvent(HireVoice\Neo4j\EntityManager::RELATION_CREATE, function ($type, $relationName, $from, $to, $relation) {
    // $relation is the Everyman\Neo4j\Relationship
    if ($relationName === 'GOES_TO_MARKET') {
        $relation->setProperty('foobar', 'baz')->save();

How exactly does this return a relation to modify? How do we use this?

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