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I have a Git repository cloned into myproject, with an __init__.py at the root of the repository, making the whole thing an importable Python package.

I'm trying to write a setuptools setup.py for the package, which will also sit in the root of the repository, next to the __init__.py file. I want setup.py to install the directory it resides in as a package. It's fine if setup.py itself comes along as part of the installation, but it would be better if it didn't.

Is this configuration at all supported? I can kind of make it work by having a package_dir= {"": ".."}, argument to setup(), telling it to look for myproject in the directory above the current one. However, this requires the package to always be installed from a directory named myproject, which does not appear to be the case if, say, it's being installed through pip, or if someone is working out of a Git clone named myproject-dev, or in any number of other cases.

Another hack I'm contemplating is a symlink to . named mypackage inside of the repository. That ought to work, but I wanted to check if there was a better way first.

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