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So if I have an array of 2 values and I want to apply those values to two elements, I can't seem to figure out a way to loop through the selected elements and have a counter or something to represent the index of the array value I want to apply.


For example:

myTotal = new Array("7.00", "10.00");

<input class="theTotalInput"></input>
<input class="theTotalInput"></input>

So, once I select the inputs,



yeah... this is where Im stuck. I cannot find any example documentation that shows applying arrays of values to a bunch of elements in turn - all I have seen is applying the same values to a bunch.

Thanks for any help.

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var i=0;
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Thanks. I ended up using this: while I was waiting: Which is weird, because I guess I was trying to do it wrong before using this: So mine ended up looking like: for(i=0;i<myTotal.length;i++){ $(".theTotalInput").eq(i).val(myTotal[i]); } I'm book marking yours, too, though. Thanks! – George Sisco Nov 21 '09 at 15:08

Another, possibly shorter way:

$(["7.00","10.00"]).each(function(i, val) {


$(".theTotalInput").each(function(i, el){
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