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I have a css transform in a css3 animation that caused a div to flip over. The problem is that the content appears flipped too.

I just want the div to be flipped, but the content to remain unflipped.

Here is a JS Fiddle with my animation taking place on page load:

See, the div and the content is flipped. How can I just flip / transform the div, but not it's contents?

Here is the animation, with the transform, that I am using:

@keyframes flip{
        transform:perspective(400px) rotateY(0deg);
        transform:perspective(400px) rotateY(-180deg);
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You have to wrap the inner element in a span and apply the opposite transform :

<div class="animated flip"><span class="inner">Settings</span></div>

    -webkit-transform: perspective(400px) rotateY(180DEG);


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I was missing the display:block;. Thank you! – Django Johnson Jul 20 '13 at 1:35

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