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Configuring synergy for multiple computers, each with a single screen, is fairly easy. But it is not so obvious how to configure multiple X11 screens. For example, sys1, a minimac is on the right. sys1 is the server and has a single monitor (screen). To the left of sys1 is a Fedora 9 system, sys2, with two X11 displays: sys2:0.0 and sys2:0.1 I'm guessing that one invents names and uses aliases with ports specified (5900 and 5901 in my case), which is the avenue I will investigate. But surely someone has crossed this bridge before.

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Truly, a brilliant answer! :-) – pmr Oct 7 '08 at 9:37
it makes your life easier if you're using Xinerama in your X11 configuration.. that also simplifies the synergy configuration. – Tilo Oct 5 '11 at 1:06

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I found the basic answer here. Here is the config file for this example:

section: screens

section: links
    left = sys21
    left = sys2
    right = sys1
    right = sys21

is basically all you need. Then, start the synergy programs as follows:

On the server (sys1):

$ synergys -f --config synergy.conf --name sys1

On the client, display :0.0

$ synergyc -f -n sys2 sys1

On the client, display :0.1

$ synergyc -f -n sys21 sys1

And away you go ...

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The link is gone. Going the other direction ( mac client to linux server ) I'm trying to get a display specified but having trouble. – digitalextremist May 19 at 12:45

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