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I do not understand how people use HTML5Boilerplate with dynamic sites, like news sites, blogs, etc. I understand that you can get themes for WordPress, but specifically, I'm curious to know how sites like UpWorthy.com and DailyDot.com update when they are not using Wordpress or other identifiable CMS systems.

Can anyone explain?

Thank you!

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Before there was Wordpress or a CMS there were dynamic websites. All you need is a database and a scripting language which back in the day were jsp asp php. There were no pretty permalinks so every url ended in a query string with many parameters.

Those sites update whenever their inhouse/outsourced IT team is ready to roll out an update. They are not a theme but a custom built and they have an IT department whether inhouse or contracted out.

They use boilerplate as a starting point of their templates and make modifications by making changes to those templates with whatever IDE company policy permits.

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