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In tomcat6, where does tomcat put the generated java file for a JSP file?


    at org.apache.jsp.xxx.yyy.view_jsp._jspService(view_jsp.java:164)
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They're kept under Tomcat's work directory, e.g.


The specifics of the path my vary, from version to version, but it's always under work

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work is the default location for the configuration of the output directory of the Jasper JSP Compiler. This can be changed by setting the property scratchdir in $CATALINA_BASE/conf/web.xml. Besides, the Java files may be deleted after compiling if the property keepgenerated is set to false. Source: "Apache Tomcat 6.0 - Jasper 2 JSP Engine How To" --- tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-6.0-doc/jasper-howto.html –  Eric Bréchemier Nov 21 '09 at 16:33

look in ${TOMCAT_HOME}/work/Catalina/<HOST>/....

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If you made the tomcat server in eclipse this is a good place to look...

Try this:

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