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I am fetching TopicName From the Controller through topicList array in my dropdown box and showing it to dropdown. what i want do is while sending back to the value of selected dropdown i want to send the topicId (which is also store in topicList array) to the my controller throgh javascript function. Here Is My Html code. Select Topic:

           <select name="Topic" id="Topic" class="myDropDown">
                     <option selected="selected" value="-1">-- Select Topic --</option>

                      <c:forEach var="item" items="${topicList}">
                         <option >${item.topicName} </option>
                       //Here I want to send the value of item.topicId`enter code here`


Here is my JavaScript Function through im sending my values function doAddTopic(){

                         var subName=jq("#Topic option:selected").val();
                        // alert(name);aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

                    var url = "/xyz/abc/"+subName+"/";
               , function(data) 

What i want is to on selecting item.topicName i want to send the value of item.topicId. how do i can do this

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May be you should try like this,

<c:forEach var="item" items="${topicList}">
                         <option value="${item.topicId}">${item.topicName} </option>
                       //Here I want to send the value of item.topicId`enter code here`

Give value inside the option value="${item.topicId}"

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Thanks its working – Ankit Tater Jul 20 '13 at 7:33

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