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How to go about mimicking ::MessageBox() behavior in a custom popup(WS_POPUP) window, where the popup window waits for user click on one of the buttons and return the result of the click ? like in a ::MessageBox() when you have MB_YESNO in uType and handle to the owner window is supplied, it returns either ID_YES or ID_NO depending on which button was clicked.

In pure win32 api and c++.

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DialogBox() is the core winapi function.

If you want to completely spin your own then you must:

  1. iterate all top-level windows on the thread with EnumThreadWindows() and disable them with EnableWindow
  2. run a message loop with GetMessage + DispatchMessage
  3. add an exit condition to that loop, using a variable that represents the dialog return value
  4. write message handlers for the buttons, they must set that variable
  5. repeat step 1, re-enabling the windows
  6. destroy the dialog window
  7. return the variable value
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@HandPassant Spot on. Thanks :) –  StudentX Jul 20 '13 at 18:40
To expand on point 2.) you should probably also include IsDialogMessage to enable keyboard navigation. –  IInspectable Jul 20 '13 at 22:56
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When you handle button's BN_CLICKED notification, delivered to the owner window via WM_COMMAND message, a call of EndDialog(m_hWnd, IDYES) ends dialog box and supplies the API with a value (IDYES) to return to higher level caller.

Non-modal popup windows don't have returned codes (as opposed to modal dialogs and MessageBox modal dialog in particular), you close them with WM_CLOSE and you have to elaborate some way to obtain resulting codes/values from the window, if necessary.

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