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Is there anything built into MassTransit that can help manage the queues?

I'm specifically thinking of the error queues. I saw the thread similar to this, but I'm not looking to manage it with a utility, but rather in code.


  • Web client - commands are published as messages with MT to a remote queue on an application server.

  • App server - the commands are consumed and executed. If the command throws during execution, it's placed in the error queue.

  • Web client - end users can view all commands in the error queue. They resolve them one at a time and have them re-published to be executed again.

The first two are easy enough. The third one is where I'm at now. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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twitter.com/drusellers/statuses/5932553953 - "there isn't anything in MT for that specific scenario. but shouldn't be too hard to build" –  Rob Nov 22 '09 at 1:31

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