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Hi every one i am a beginner in programming. I want to change the size of an image when I drag the image up and down on my web page?
The size should decrease when i drag it up an increase when i drag it down. I am able to change its size by animation now i want it to happen when i drag it. Here's the code

 <!DOCTYPE html>
-webkit-animation:myfirst 5s ; 

@-webkit-keyframes myfirst /* Safari and Chrome */
from  {background:white; height:0px;width:0;left:50px; top:40px; }

to {background:white; height:80px;width:20px;left:50px; top:430px;}

<body background="road.jpg">
<div style="position:relative;width:126px;height:350px; overflow:hidden; border: solid             1px;left:639px;top:307px;">
<div class="hidden";></div>

To: <input type="text" name ="To"><br><br>

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This is not a ready to use example but it is the idea that will help you..

var dragging = false;
   dragging = true; // Detect if we are dragging the image

    if(dragging === true) {
       $('img').height(event.pageY + 'px'); // Detect how many pixels high from the top of the screen

   dragging = false; // detect when we are done


To get this working on your site or something instead of using event.pageY you will probably have to do some calcualtions with the height of the image, the position of the image and try and work out how many pixels you need to add or remove from the image.

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thanks for your concern –  Chandan Walia Jul 20 '13 at 9:48
If u get your expected result,accept this answer. –  DRAJI Jul 22 '13 at 7:21

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