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I have a table storing basic article information:

table name: cms_articles

[article_id] , [article_header] , [article_content]
     1 , test , test content
     2 , another , something
     3 , article , text

I am using the following SQL to swap the article ID's of two articles:-

"UPDATE cms_articles SET article_id=99999 WHERE article_id=".$article_id1
"UPDATE cms_articles SET article_id=".$article_id1." WHERE article_id=".$article_id2
"UPDATE cms_articles SET article_id=".$article_id2." WHERE article_id=99999"

So I am simply swapping their ID's while using a temporary ID of 99999 while the swap occurs.

This works, but then when I add a new article to the table it sets the ID to 100000 automatically thanks to the autoincrement, despite the highest article_id actually being 3!

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What business reason fo you have for needing to swap ids? – Mark Baker Jul 20 '13 at 10:33
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Execute the alter table statement and set the auto_increment value

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Worked, many thanks! – user2602023 Jul 20 '13 at 10:38

To what effect are you swapping primary keys? No wait it doesn't matter.

As SQL is a declarative programming language and not a procedural one. Swapping a 'primary key' is wrong and correcting you here will insure an innocent passerby doesn't adopt your laissez-faire to good design principles.

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First get current autoincrement value with these query:

FROM information_schema.tables
WHERE table_name = 'table_name'
AND table_schema = DATABASE( ) ;

Then make your id swap. And then set autoincrement value back to its previous value like @DevZer0 wrote:

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