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On my site I have some links in my imageshow (head section on all pages) pointing to a second page containing an accordion. I would like to open the relevant accordion-inner on clicking the link.

<a onclick="doAccordion(1);" data-target="#collapse1" href="/page/services#1">blabla</a>

If the user clicks this second page with the accordions on it(e.g.via the standard navigation) some accordions are opened by default.

A click on the links, those accordions that are open by default, should close and only the related one should open. Below is my javascript which works only if I am already on the page containing the accordions. If the user clicks the links when on a different page nothing happens apart from the default settings. I need to execute first the call to url and only when the destination page has opened the classes .collapse.in and div#collapse1 are available.

function doAccordion(id){
    $('.collapse.in').each(function () {

Hope it makes some sense what I was trying to explain. How could I achive opening the url first and then execute the above code?

Thanks Gina

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You can't pass JS vars from one page to another without storing them somehow. Have you tried passing a URL param? –  isherwood Jul 22 '13 at 17:01
I am not very familiar with JS ... how would that look a url param ? and how to implement in my case? thx Gina –  gingin Aug 1 '13 at 17:35

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