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So I've read the question What is Eclipse's Ctrl+T shortcut equivalent in IntelliJ IDEA? but it doesn't solve my problem exactly.

I'm used to going to a method in eclipse, anywhere in the class hierarchy (jar or code), hitting Ctrl - T, it brings up a tree diagram of all classes above and below that implement that method (i.e if subclasses/superclasses don't implement this method it doesn't show them).

When you select a class from the diagram, it takes you precisely to that method.

Seems Ctrl - H shows you a general class diagram, not specific to the method you've selected. Ctrl - Shift - H, seems to show you a method hierarchy, but only the class and subclasses of the method you've selected (not the superclasses).

How do I navigate up the hierarchy to the specific method? Given that 1) I don't know at what level the method was defined at it's highest point. Also 2) given that there may be similar method names, so I don't want to rely on finding it by typing which may be error prone.

I regard this as pretty much bread and butter functionality, so I'd be disappointed if there isn't anything similar.

Update: The best I've found is hitting Ctrl - U a couple of times which eventually gets you to the top of the hierarchy, then hitting Ctrl - Shift - H naturally shows you everything below. This is more steps that eclipse and a little disorientating because the tool doesn't show you exactly where you were. Currently points still go to eclipse.

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I would open a defect. There is no reason to filter the superclasses in the Hierarchy Method tab.

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Arghhh. Thanx for acknowledging I've looked in all the right places. I really like what I was seeing in IDEA. Just goes to show that although IDEA may indeed have the edge... we're still in muchness of a muchness land with IDEs. Now to create a login to ANOTHER issue tracker... arghhh... – Daniel Gerson Jul 20 '13 at 21:40
I have opened an issue. Probably bad form to just copy and paste a link, but honestly I can't believe I even got that far. youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-110828 – Daniel Gerson Jul 20 '13 at 21:43

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