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I'm trying to get a view-based NSOutlineView to work with Auto Layout. I started from a template project, to isolate this issue. All I did so far is add NSSplitView to the window and an NSOutlineView into the the split view. This is my setup:

enter image description here

It looks like this at launch:
enter image description here
Resizing the split view is no problem, until the NSOutlineView gets small enough.
enter image description here
But once, the NSOutlineView falls below a certain width, the NSTableCellView starts to move to the left, out of the NSOutlineView. It moves to the left as I move the split view divider:
enter image description here
Even when I start to increase the size of the NSOutlineView, the row continues to move to the left:
enter image description here
Until it is completely gone and never appears again:
enter image description here

What am I missing? Setting a minimum width for the NSOutlineView is not a real solution, because I can't predict how much the biggest indention of any cell will be.

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