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I want to get angle between 3 points in JavaScript. If I have points A(x1,y1), B(x2, y2), C(x3, y3) I want to get angle that is formed with lines AB and BC.

And also I am wondering, whether there is a difference in angle if these points are geographic coordinates?

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Try this function :

 * Calculates the angle ABC (in radians) 
 * A first point
 * C second point
 * B center point
function find_angle(A,B,C) {
    var AB = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(B.x-A.x,2)+ Math.pow(B.y-A.y,2));    
    var BC = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(B.x-C.x,2)+ Math.pow(B.y-C.y,2)); 
    var AC = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(C.x-A.x,2)+ Math.pow(C.y-A.y,2));
    return Math.acos((BC*BC+AB*AB-AC*AC)/(2*BC*AB));
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