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I have:

  1. Installed XCart (Gold Plus 4.6.0 - Trial with Lexity Live) on Netfirms
  2. Purchased (and successfully installed) a RapidSSL Premium Certificate from GeoTrust through Netfirms
  3. Enabled SSL in XCart and updated config file appropriately.

When I run Settings::Security Settings I receive error under HTTPS Options, "Warning! HTTPS/SSL check failed. Please make sure that HTTPS is configured properly."

Question: If the certificate is installed and the software knows to go to the secure server address what could be the problem?

I realize more background info is necessary. Please help. I know nothing of ssl. I read somewhere quickly in the past year or so something about symlink-ing, etc. I don't believe this to be of use here. Perhaps I am incorrect.

All my love,

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Once you have SSL configured in your browser, it should just work. Make sure your cert is actually installed correctly.

You can test it with the SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool.

If that actually comes back ok for your site, then your best bet will be to check the syslog, perhaps something is not configured properly in your webserver config?

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The best thing I can say (given my lack of SSL knowledge is) Netfirms can be difficult to work with some times. SSL GeoTrust Certificates included.... thanks for the direction. –  matt_alberta Jan 20 at 2:25
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