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I wanted to export a project from Eclipse with the Maven plugin with

clean package

The project has several dependencies, one from my workspace, and several fom e.g. Apache. The export took place, the .jar file was created. I added the main file entry to manifest.mf manually. When i tried to run the jar, i got an error message:

no calssDeffoundError: com.apache.org.common.ApplicationCOntxt. ...   
Could not find main class hu.bz.test.Main.

How can i export a jar file with the dependencies using Maven?

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Create jar by using maven assembly plugin and its jar-with-dependencies configuration -> http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-assembly-plugin/descriptor-refs.html#jar-with-dependencies

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Follow the steps given below-

1)Right click on your maven project

2)Select Properties

3)New window will open-

enter image description here

4) select Actions from categories panel

5)Right side you will get the window as given below- enter image description here

6)Select Add custom button

7)Give any Action name e.g. Dependencies

8)In Execute Goals textbox add the following text: clean compile assembly:single

9) Click on Ok.

10) Right Click on maven Project

11)In Custom option select Dependencies.

Its will generate jar with all dependencies you have added in pom.xml. The path of generated jar is displayed on Output console

Might be helpful to you...

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