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What is the elegant way to iterate two collections in Scala using one loop?

I want set values from first collection to second, like this:

// pseudo-code
for (i <- 1 to 10) {
  val value = collection1.get(i);
  collection2.setValueAtIndex(value, i) ;

In fact I use Iterable trait, so its better if you provide solution applicable for Iterable.

Please note: I don't want to copy values from one to another. I need to access in loop to i'th element of first and second collection Thanks.

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So, you want to copy the first 10 elements? Why not just do that? –  Marcin Jul 20 '13 at 17:37
@Marcin no, I need access in loop to both elements: from first and from second collection –  MyTitle Jul 20 '13 at 17:39

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If you need to access each element at the same index from both collections, you could zip the two collections:

for((e1, e2) <- collection1 zip collection2) {
  //Do something with e1 and e2
  //e1 is from collection1 and e2 is from collection2
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It doesn't look like you want to iterate the second collection at all, but want the index of the thing you're working on, which is what zipWithIndex is good for:

for ((el, i) <- collection1.zipWithIndex) {
  collection2.setValueAtIndex(el, i)
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