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I wanted to know, how can I change to a different view that I created using Storyboard by clicking on a Google Map object ( marker for e.g) . What I am trying to do is, when a user clicks on a marker representing a location on google maps, the app should now go to a different page where some details of the location will be displayed. I couldnot figure out the way to do it.

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First you need to implement the GMSMapViewDelegate and set mapView.delegate = self;

Then use -mapView:didTapMarker: to listen to when someone taps a Marker

Then call -performSegueWithIdentifier:sender: to load the new view

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One way is to use -performSegueWithIdentifier:sender: when the user taps on the marker. It's essentially the same situation that's covered in Programming tableviews segue drill down, except that you're using a map and that question uses a table.

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