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I have a class profileFragment that extends PreferenceFragment. I have another class myFragment which extends fragment. How can I call a PreferenceFragment class within a Fragment class? Its important because I use a sliding menu that is based on fragments, thus I cannot call the PreferenceFragment from anywhere else besides within Fragment

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I don't have enough information to give you a full answer, as it seems to me if you have a sliding menu based on fragments, you could just add a "Settings" option in your sliding menu, and navigate to it using the FragmentManager from the Activity.

A few things you may want to consider (I'd personally recommend looking at #3):

  1. As I mentioned above, having a separate "Settings" Navigation item in your sliding menu.
  2. Making a call from your normal fragment to your Activity to navigate to the PreferenceFragment. You'd want to read up on Fragment Communicationto learn how you should talk to your Activity though.
  3. You might not even need a PreferenceFragment. It sounds like maybe a better use case for what you are trying to do might be a DialogPreference.
  4. You could also look into using Child Fragments ( getChildFragmentManager() ), and having your PreferenceFragment be a child fragment of your other fragment. This is getting a bit complicated though.
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