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I am working on a Clojure library. Inside the library is an example app that shows how to use the library. In the example app, which is in a subdirectory, what is the cleanest way to depend on the parent library? I want this to be fast; I want the dependency always be in step with the current library code. That means avoiding deploying to Clojars (or elsewhere).

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Use Leiningen "Checkout" Dependencies.

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You can add "../src" to the :source-paths in project.clj

Since you always want the current version of the parent's code, and it will always be in the same relative place, it's less a "dependency" to be resolved and more a classpath to be used to find code.

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There's also .lein-classpath if you don't want that info in the project.clj –  Jeremy Heiler Jul 21 '13 at 3:12

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