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I have date of birth filed in my html page. Based on this i need to display all employees born on this date. Ex:

<input type="text" value="dob"/> < input type="submit" value="submit">

Now I am parsing the date in my jsp as follows.

java.util.Date doj = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/mm  /yyyy").parse(request.getParameter("dob")); 

out.println(doj);//printing Mon Jul 14 00:08:00 IST 2013

java.sql.Date dt=new java.sql.Date(doj.getTime());

//ex:this is giving 2013-07-21.Here I want 21-JUL-2013(as in oracle date format).  

I need comparison in date format only.

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also, 'as in oracle date format' is wrong by itself, since the oracle date format is so much possible to change upon the environment... – Sebas Jul 20 '13 at 19:15

No need to parse to sql date you can send it as string in correct format. You can apply pattern to your simpleDateFormat object like obj.applyPattern("dd-MMMM-yyyy) it will give you correct formatted date than you can parse it to string.

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Just use JSTL to format the date, so that you can do the comparison on it.

<fmt:formatDate value="${doj}" pattern="dd/MMM/yyyy" var="doj" />
<c:if test="${doj eq dob}">
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Thanks @Ankur Lathi. Now I'got the solution.Below is the exact code what I'm looking for. – Srinivas Jul 21 '13 at 5:21
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This is the correct answer for my question(here instead of inserting I'm fetching data). Thanks @JB Nizet

 String dob = request.getParameter("DOB"):
SimpleDateFormat formater = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy"); 
java.util.Date dateOfBirth = formater.parse(dob); 
String sql = "insert into table (dob) value (?)";
PreparedStatement stmt = connection.prepareStatement(sql);
stmt.setDate(1, new java.sql.Date(dateOfBirth.getTime());
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