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From producer I have to send message to an RabbitMQ Exchange. this message will contain specific attribute, for example , queue name, based on this attribute, I have to dynamically decide the queue to send this message.[queue to bind from exchange, to send this particular message].

is there any way to intercept the message arriving to a RabbitMQ Exchange, using spring integration, At present , I have the following spring integration config file.

I don't know to how to create a bean to get Exchange Messages and route the message to smsQueue, emailQueue etc., queues.

thanks for you suggestions and replies.

<context:component-scan base-package="com.rabbit"></context:component-scan>

<rabbit:connection-factory id="connectionFactory"
    host="localhost" username="guest" password="guest" />   
<rabbit:admin connection-factory="connectionFactory" />
<rabbit:template id="exchnageTemplate"
    connection-factory="connectionFactory" exchange="COMMUNICATION-EXCHANGE" />

<rabbit:queue id="smsQueue" auto-delete="true" durable="false" />
<rabbit:queue id="emailQueue" auto-delete="true" durable="false" />
<rabbit:queue id="dvbQueue" auto-delete="true" durable="false" />
<rabbit:queue id="pbxQueue" auto-delete="true" durable="false" />
<rabbit:queue id="medsensorQueue" auto-delete="true"
    durable="false" />

<int:gateway id="gateway" service-interface=""
    default-request-channel="producerChannel" />

<int:channel id="producerChannel" />
<int:channel id="errorChannel" />

<bean id="communicationInterface" class="" />

<amqp:outbound-channel-adapter channel="producerChannel"
    amqp-template="exchnageTemplate" exchange-name="COMMUNICATION-EXCHANGE">
    <int:service-activator input-channel="input"
        ref="communicationInterface" method="optimalRoutingOfMessage" />

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With RabbitMQ (AMQP) you don't send to queues, you send to exchanges with a routing key, and bindings determine which queue(s) get the message.

<rabbit:direct-exchange name="">
        <rabbit:binding queue="si_test_queue" key="si.test.binding" />

    channel="toRabbit" amqp-template="amqpTemplate" exchange-name=""
    routing-key="si.test.binding" />

Instead of routing-key you can use routing-key-expression with something like headers['foo'] or @someBean.determineRoutingKeyFor(payload).

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Hi , thanks lot for your answer. I will accept it after testing. - Muthuvel – user782224 Jul 21 '13 at 12:31

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