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I've written C-based extension module in python. Now I want to create a for installing the library. The library has following folder layout.

    |--- README.txt
    |--- mylib 
          |--- _core.pyd

How can I include _core.pyd for the installation? This is the my I tried so far but this does not include my pyd file.

    packages = find_packages(),
    data_files=[('', ['_core.pyd'])],
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Use this (if it were in data dir)

data_files = [('mylib/data', ['mylib/data/_core.pyd']),

make sure to include it in with include keyword, like:

include mylib/data/*
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Thank you, that works :) Why do have the files both, to the and also to the manifest? – Razer Jul 21 '13 at 8:52

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