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I am developing a software wherein the scenario is as below. The customer has a big chunk of land from which he leases out small portions (say plots) to various customer. I would like to save in the database details of each plot. This is simple. The problem is I want to save the neighbouring plot also. This will help me in pulling out a report - Neighbouring plots with respect to a plot. Please advise a datastructure for the same.

Thanks & Regards Sunil

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How about this?

(Land_Id | Plot_Id FK) - PK Add Land columns here

(Plot_Id | Neighboring_PlotId FK to Plot_Id Allow Null) - PK Add Plot columns here

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You could use a Dictionary<string, List<string>>. The plot identifier is the key and the list contains the identifiers of its neighbors. If each plot has a row,column location property then each neighbor will be (row - 1, column), (row + 1, column), (row, column - 1), (row, column + 1). Of course you'll have to check if the plot is at the edge and adjust accordingly.

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