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I'm converting some django views to be class based, and so far loving the flexibility.

Most of my views subclass from a parent view ClubView. Each subclassed view that needs to handle a post() method override needs to have access to the corresponding club value.

This value is in the URL, so the request variable has it. However, is there a way for me to grab this value, and fetch the corresponding club object outside of the post() method? like a pre-post() method or something. Mainly because I don't want to copy/paste club = Club.objects.get(...

A more general question -- in what order do all the methods execute in? Django's documentation on this seems lacking.

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Actually, you're really doing it upside down. Instead of a central ClubView, it's more flexible to have one view class for each of the individual actions/pages. E.g., you might have something like this:

class ClubListView(ListView):
    model = Club

class ClubDetailView(DetailView)
    model = Club

# etc...

This way you only need to override specific functionality unique to each of those actions, by defining a particular method on the view class which does what you need. E.g. you need to filter the possible Clubs in the ClubListView dynamically, based on something from the request? Just override the ClubListView.get_queryset method to apply the appropriate filter.

If there is some really peculiar behaviour that needs to be applied to all the views, it depends on what this behaviour really is about: if it's related to this specific model, it should probably best be defined in the model itself, or perhaps its manager; and if it's really something specific to the views, you should write and extend a mixin along with the actual view class.

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Very appropriate. I'm not as familiar with all the predefined class views as I should be. I've only been using TemplateView so far. – Mikhail Jul 21 '13 at 18:15
I strongly suggest you to get a basic acquaintance with them, as they are there for a reason and will save you a ton of work. Also, get a copy of :-) – Berislav Lopac Jul 22 '13 at 8:48

dispatch is called before post - or, for that matter, get depending on the request. Overriding it should let you set extra information.

The docs lack detail - I didn't really get it until I read the source. But the source is nicely readable except for being spread across multiple files.

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You could write a get_club method in your parent class. You can then use this in your subclasses, and you don't have to repeat the logic.

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True, but this doesn't leverage classes and inheritance. Will try dispatch as recommended by Peter – Mikhail Jul 21 '13 at 9:30

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