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After spending some time on Scala, I try to study on Akka project, find that '←' used instead of '<-' in Akka, my question is how to input '←' from keyboard, the symbol seems only can be used in Akka. Another question is that, if analyze the Akka source code, which IDE is the best suitable, I have tried Eclipse and IntelliJ, both are not good.

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The akka team uses some non ASCII symbols, mostly for the different types of arrows. I believe if you set your IDE to use UTF 8 as the scala file encoding things should compile. Not sure how to enter the symbol from the keyboard though. Maybe it's something in eclipse to translate => and <- into their utf 8 counterparts. – cmbaxter Jul 21 '13 at 11:43

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Akka uses Scalariform in the build and that does the conversion between <- and ← automatically.

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