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In my php script, I have written code to pull out the url variables and to store them in an array For eg: if my url is www/viewgallery.php?cname=Colorado-Fall&pcaption=Light-On-Dunes

Then in my array 'path_info' I have

$path_info[base] = /
$path_info[query_var][cname] = Colorado-Fall
$path_info[query_var][pcaption] = Light-on-Dunes


Now, How can I use this array to make clean urls in my php code?

If I try to write the link as

<a href = viewgallery.php/$path_info[query_var][cname]/$path_info[query_var][pcaption]></a>

it won't take me to the requested page. Ultimately, I want the url in my address bar to look as


How can I make this link work with my php script? I know I can do this with .htaccess but is it possible to do it just with my php script using my array variables?

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.htaccess would be better suited to this – Vector Jul 21 '13 at 7:52
Vector ...is .htaccess the only way to do this? Can this be done in PHP? – yathrakaaran Jul 22 '13 at 6:16

This should work:

echo "<a href='viewgallery.php/{$path_info[query_var][cname]}/{$path_info[query_var][pcaption]}'></a>";
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Hi Barmar, That makes the url in the required format in the address bar eg: www/viewgallery.php/Colorado-Fall/Light-On-Dunes. But the link won't work meaning it won't take me to that image.:( – yathrakaaran Jul 22 '13 at 3:59

In your link you have written it as html. You should write it as php

<a href ="viewgallery.php/<?php echo "$path_info[query_var][cname]/$path_info[query_var][pcaption]"?>"></a>

and also remember to use quote marks on the a tag

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