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If an app is "online only", where it requires an internet connection to play - and the main objective of the app is to play with other players.. does the apple reviewer require to play with other "online" players? Will the reviewer only check menu's of the app and make sure they are functional, or will they be required to "play" the game?

If they are required to "play" the game, is it required I place "fake" players to make the gameplay functional during the review process, so they don't get a "No players online" error message of some sort?


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Its better to have a fully functional demo setup in production, for Apple to test. It totally depends on the reviewer whether he/she wants to test the gameplay or not.

Either way, it really helps to upload a demo video of your app (to youtube or any service you like), that shows the online gameplay and share the private link in the "notes to the reviewer" when you submit the app for review.

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